First Pres Military Ministry

Military Muster

Central to Colorado Springs’ many military installations, First Pres brings Light and Life to our entire military community of active duty and retired personnel, veterans and their families. With a lead pastor, Tim McConnell, who served as an Army Chaplain and many members who have served and are currently serving, our church is fully engaged with the military life and its challenges.

We are Honored to Serve the Men and Women Who Serve Our Country

  • Support monthly dinners at Fort Carson for spouses of deployed service members.
  • Support Christian Youth Activities at local Military bases.
  • Support local Chaplains in their ministries.
  • Provide holiday dinners and gifts to enlisted families.
  • Serve our local Veterans Organizations such as Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center and Crawford House.
  • Serve First Pres Active Duty and Veterans in the First Pres congregation.