Meet the Fellows

Audrey Schmidt

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia

University: Covenant College

Field of Study: Sociology

Internship: Safe Families for Children

More about Audrey: In my four years at Covenant College, I found an incredible community in Covenant’s Hall life that nurtured authentic relationships. Throughout my time in college, I was able to grow deeper in my relationships with friends and the Lord. This community provided opportunities to lead through hall events, pranks, and more. I studied Sociology where my love of understanding others and how their environments and experiences have shaped them was broadened. With my major, I learned to see common things in life with new and unique perspectives. For a typical afternoon after classes, I was found with friends climbing, playing spike ball or pickle ball, and then going to the cliffs to see the sunset.

Interests: Traveling, hiking, climbing, spending time outdoors with friends, and exploring new places.

Evelyn Osmond

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University: Grove City College

Field of Study: Business Management; Concentration: Human Resources; Minor: Communication Arts

Internship: PPORA

More about Evelyn: While at Grove City College, I spent a lot of time developing an amazing Christian community, playing intramural sports, and exploring the outdoors.  I was very involved with my sorority – serving as Vice President, President, and leading bible studies. By far one of the biggest blessings of my college experience was being involved with IMPACT – an outdoors discipleship and leadership program. For the past several summers, I have worked at Summer’s Best Two Weeks, a Christian sports camp in western PA, as a counselor and as the Wilderness Trips Director.

Interests: Trail running, climbing, backpacking, traveling, playing board games, line dancing, cooking, and doing pretty much anything with the right group of people.

Joshua Henninger

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

University: University of Tennessee

Field of Study: Business

Internship: National Museum of WWII Aviation

More about Joshua: I was a Supply Chain Management Major at the University of Tennessee. I was involved heavily in the Christian Student Center on campus. I served as both president and intern over my four years there. I am an avid sports fan and loved watching the Vols every Saturday. Go Vols! I also enjoy playing golf or weightlifting when I am free. Also am always open to trying new delicious foods and hiking.

Interests: Country/Folk Music, Hiking, Running, Basketball, Golf, Weightlifting, Trying new Foods

Christoper Plummer

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

University: Clemson University

Field of Study: Economics, Social Sciences


More about Christoper: While at Clemson I was a member of the Navigators ministry, where I volunteered on our welcome team, led a bible study, and sang on the worship team. I was also involved with the student advisory board for both the Economics Department and the College of Business at large, where I helped put together networking events and run our bi-annual career fair. I also spent half my summers working at summer camps in both Pennsylvania and Hawaii.

Interests: Sports, hiking, really any activity that involves exercise mixed with fun, stories in all mediums, music, and coffee

Maggie Dicks

Hometown: Smyrna, Georgia

University: Miami University of Ohio

Field of Study: Biology and Public Health: Epidemiology and Human Disease


More about Maggie: At Miami, I was an active member on the Equestrian Team. I attended Oxford Bible Fellowship Church and was involved in Cru bible studies. During college I worked part time as a trip leader for our schools Outdoor Pursuit Center, was an assistant coach for the youth equestrian team, and spent my summers working in various positions at Camp DeSoto a Christian camp for girls.

Interests: Equestrian, Skiing, college football, Backpacking, and most things active and outdoors.

Gabriella Simcic

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

University: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Field of Study: Neuroscience and Psychology


More about Gabriella: During college, I was a Young Life leader at a high school in the area. Young Life played a big role in my faith, and I loved getting a chance to walk with high schoolers through such a pivotal time! In college, I was also on the executive board for the Ski and Snowboard Club (If you're wondering how there is even a ski club in TN, you are not the only one). You can almost always find me hiking, kayaking, or hanging at the park with friends!

Interests: hiking, kayaking, skiing, tennis, reading, and backpacking (basically anything outdoors).

Kaileigh Brackett

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

University: University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Field of Study: Creative Writing with a certificate in Publishing and a minor in Spanish

Internship: COSILoveYou

More about Kaileigh: In college, I was involved in Young Life and found a sweet community there. I led Young Life at a local high school where I got to teach teenage girls more about the Lord while simply being their friend. I spent summers working at Young Life camps on the ropes courses and in guest services. I can usually be found with friends at a coffee shop, writing, reading, or playing any kind of game.

Interests: Writing, reading, road trips, board games, dancing with little rhythm, and hiking.

Jaron Klassen

Hometown: Nixa, Missouri

University: Murray State University

Field of Study: Music Business with a minor in Recording Technology

Internship: First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs

More about Jaron: During my time in college, I continued to develop my interest and skill in music by playing piano for various choirs and students. I loved getting to know the students on a more personal level while playing for them and got to build many relationships through it. Along with this, I’m also an avid reader and film guy, and am very much looking forward to growing in community and my relationship with Christ!

Interests: Pickleball, hiking, reading in coffee shops, music/film, and napping

Eliza Moore

Hometown: Columbia, SC

University: Clemson University

Field of Study: Communications

Internship: Pikes Peak Academy

More about Eliza: In my time at Clemson University, a lot of my time was spent leading Young Life at a local high school. The other chunk of time was spent with my friends: pickle balling, county line dancing, swimming, losing all of our intramural games, or just playing outside. I also grew a passion for creativity in college and took up an Art minor.

Interests: I love painting, photography, or being a typical iPad kid and doodling on my iPad. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in Colorado Springs!